Customer Testimonials:

07/08/2011 - “I’m sooo HAPPY, that I could SCREAM!!! I just landed a job at a bank and thanks to your english CV. It really made an impression and Interview tips was excellent. Thank you very much!!!”

– Sally

29/07/2011 - “I’ve been looking for a job for almost two months now and I haven’t received ANY phone calls. A friend referred me to your site and after purchasing your product and re-doing my CV, I send them out to the same places that I’ve already applied to. And guess what!? I got 4 interviews lined up for next week!!! It’s un-believable… I’m so excited that finally something is happening and it’s all thanks to your English-CV. You guys are providing a wonderful service.”

– Mark

16/06/2011 - “I must say I was a little sceptical at first, but with such a low price I told myself why not. I must say that I’m really impress with the quality of the CV’s that you have and not only that it clearly showed me what my own CV is lacking. The only thing that I would have liked to see more is with the Interview tips. I know it’s just an added bonus, but the CV’s are so good that you’ll be guaranteed an interview, so it would be good to have more tips. But overall, I would say that it is definitely value for money.”

– Greg, Sicily

02/09/2010 - “Hi guys, I just wanted to say thank you sooo much… I’ve been thinking about quiting my job and finding something else, but I was afraid that it would be hard to find another one. Boy was I wrong…. After brushing up my CV and using one of your templates, I landed a new job within a week!!!! The 10 Euros I spend with your prduct has turned itself into a 10,000 Euro salary increase!!! Plus, the best part is telling my boss I QUIT!!!!”

– Bruno

13/11/2010 - “I’ve paid over £100 before for a professional to write my CV, but after buying your product and doing it myself it’s a lot better than what I paid for!!! I wish I stumbled upon your website first.”

- Antonio

16/07/2010 - "I thought that 3 of the CVs look really good. The rest are pretty average… but then again, you only need one good CV I suppose." – Robert

10/09/2010 - "Definitely worth it!!!" – Dennis

18/09/2010 - "I thought this site was a joke, cause CV’s are pretty standard… I didn’t realize how much of a difference a good looking CV makes. I really like the instructions page, that really helped me write my own." – Sarah

09/03/2010 - “Thanks English CV, you really help me get noticed!” – Mike

24/04/2009 - "I’m glad I stumbled on your site. After looking at your CVs, I realized what’s missing with my own CV. The designs are subtle, but distinguished. They DO stand out and give you that extra something." - Tania

29/09/2009 - "Hello English-CV, I really liked the package…it would be good if you add some links to employment websites in England?" - Louisa

19/10/2009 - "My English is not good as I just move to London, my friend in Spain recommend this site to me and I now have sent 5 CV’s for jobs. Hope to have one soon." - Carlo

24/11/2008 - "My interview was cancelled, can I get a refund?" – Justin

06/01/2007 - "The interview tips were not helpful for my interview. They did not ask me any of those questions at the shop. But at least I got an interview with English CV."- Natalie

27/10/2006 - "Me cancelaron la entrevista, ¿puedo reclamar mi dinero?" – Juan

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